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We are Albert Primary's Pupil Council.  Our council is helping our school by promoting things we think will improve our students, teachers and general attitude around the school.  Our group this year has tried to bring awareness to our students about anti-bullying and the Power of YET.  We as a council try different strategies to encourage our students to feel safe about telling us their problems so we created the 'Talk Bench'.  This bench is used at playtimes and is where we write down people's problems and discuss how we could improve the problem.  


Our next project is to do a survey and see the effect of the Power of YET on our students.  We will ask them how they feel and if it has helped them with their learning etc.  We are very enthusiastic about Children's rights.


Pupil Council and our head teacher try very hard to make sure there is nothing bad that can upset our students.  We have done an assembly and have explained all our goals and achievements.  We try very hard to keep our students updated with all our latest news including the talk bench etc.


This is OUR School Council and we are the best!!!!!